Vintage Trouble: Preserving Rhythm and Blues Is "a Mission We'll Gladly Wear"

The soul-rock-blues quartet Vintage Trouble see themselves as not just practitioners of what they call "live-wired, straight-shootin', dirty-mouthed, pelvis-pushing juke music," but protectors of a long and fruitful legacy.

The band of veteran musicians -- Ty Taylor on vocals, Nalle Colt on guitar, Rick Barrio Dill on bass, and Richard Danielson on drums -- that formed three years ago in Los Angeles didn't set out to play a specific throwback style, saying instead that the sound found them.

"More than a particular sound, we were going for a particular feel. We live in LA and we've all grown up around music and we've done so many things. When we got together, we wanted to find the most open and sincere and honest form of music," Taylor says. "What rang loud and clear to us was a style and a time in music that combined abandonment with a skill set and we just leaned into that. We just told ourselves to stay out of the way."

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