Vistalance Says “Fuck You We're From Phoenix” And Other Notes from Edgefest

By Benjamin Leatherman

So I've been walking around Edgefest for the last hour or so and I keep seeing people with the phrase “Fuck You We're From Phoenix” spray painted in stencil form on their bodies or tee shirts.

Turns out it's a shtick for local rock band Vistalance, who are scheduled to perform on the Locals Stage at 5 p.m.

The Marine Corps has a booth out among the merchants and are running a challenge where if you do a certain number of chin-ups you can score a USMC water bottle. A few dudes were into it but most weren't. A quote I overheard from guy as he was walking away: “Pull-ups for just a water bottle...fuck that!”

Speaking of water, it's going for $4 for 20-ounce bottle. Yikes. If you're still coming out to the event, better stop off at Circle K before you get here.

-- And if you're looking for a place to scope out some hot chickadees in wet tee shirts and bikinis, head for the watersilde area in the southeast corner of Edgefest. Trust me on this one.

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