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If you've ever been lucky enough to see The Cure live, The Cure — Festival 2005 (Geffen) live performance DVD is a reminder of that unique send-ya-to-the-moon experience that all Cure heads have come to know and love. After all, those of us here in the U.S. of A. need to get our fix somehow, as we often get shunned by overseas acts with such a tremendous European following. Featuring footage of 30 timeless Cure classics captured by fans from nine European festival shows, this tour reunites core members Robert Smith, bassist Simon Gallup and drummer Jason Cooper with original guitarist Porl Thompson. But be warned: This is no high-tech masterpiece saturated with CGI and montage edits. Visual quality by SubCure Productions proves to be subpar, with some all-too-lengthy distance shots, bad lighting, and cheesy Wayne's World-like special effects. However, the audio production makes up for the poor cinematography with a sound so organic and raw that you might actually lose yourself in the moment and start pumpin' your fist World Cup-style with the European crowd. Heavy strobes electrify the stage, as Robert Smith's dark, hypnotic gaze and infamous Medusa-like coif puts us all under his spell. Particularly good cuts include "A Forest," "M," and "One Hundred Years." Also check out Smith's guitar prowess on "The Kiss" — he may be gettin' old, but he can still rock out.
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Drea Lee Rice