Viva PHX Schedule Is Announced, Including Several New Lineup Additions

If you've been waiting for the venue schedules and lineups for the Viva PHX to be announced, said wait is now over. Stateside Presents, which is co-promoting the one-night downtown Phoenix music festival on Friday, March 7, with New Times, released the set times and locations this afternoon.

Better start planning where you're going to be and when, especially if you want to see any of the bigger acts that are scheduled to perform -- including a few new additions to the event like over-the-top EDM producer Jerome LOL, electronica rock band, and indie artists Vertical Scratchers.

Both were added to the Viva PHX lineup along with a grip of local performers like electronica act Pastries With Teeth, soul artists Larry Bailey and Big Mona, psych-pop band Cherie Cherie, Tucson's O/W/L/S, indie party scene favorite DJ Sean Watson, the ever-eclectic DJ Smite, and others.

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And based on the breakdown of who's playing where, hip-hop and soul fans will be headed to Crescent Ballroom for performances by Sir Mix-A-Lot, Blackalicious, Murs, and Z-Trip. Meanwhile, indie rock lovers are bound for CityScape, which will host The Neighbourhood, Pinback, Kitten, and local band The Technicolors.

Bar Smith will be offering a slew of DJs and electronica artists (natch) all night, including Moving Units, The Holy Coast, There There, Vial of Sound, A Cloud For Climbing, and Benni Beatnik.

The full rundown of times and locations is as follows:

CityScape The Technicolors (7 p.m.) Kitten (7:50 p.m.) Pinback (8:45 p.m.) The Neighbourhood (10 p.m.)

Crescent Ballroom In The Valley Below (7 p.m.) Bogan Via (8 p.m.) Painted Palms (9 p.m.) Nite Jewel (10 p.m.) Yacht (11 p.m.) Jerome LOL (12 p.m.)

Crescent Ballroom - Outside Larry Bailey (7 p.m.) Big Mona (7:50 p.m.) Murs (8:40 p.m.) Blackalicious (9:25 p.m.) Sir Mix-A-Lot (10:20 p.m.) Z-Trip (11 p.m.)

Last Exit Live Treasurefruit (7 p.m.) Rusty Maples (8 p.m.) Bears of Manitou (9 p.m.) The Burning of Rome (10 p.m.) Zero Zero (11 p.m.) Kings of Spade (midnight) Sara Robinson and the Midnight Special (1 a.m.)

Bar Smith A Cloud For Climbing (7 p.m.) Kan Wakan (8 p.m.) There There (9 p.m.) Holy Coast (10 p.m.) Bennie Beatnik (10 p.m.)** Moving Units (11 p.m.) O/W/L/S (11 p.m.)** Vial of Sound (midnight) Sean Watson (midnight)** Pastries with Teeth (1 a.m.) ** - Bar Smith's Upstairs

Coffee One Brian Marquis (7 p.m.) Dyan Pratt (8 p.m.) Adam Arcuragi (9 p.m.) David D'Alessio (10 p.m.)

Arizona Latino Arts and Cultural Center (All Ages) Salvador Duran (7 p.m.) Flamenco Por La Vida (8 p.m.) Tesoro (10 p.m.)

FilmBar Cherie Cherie (10 p.m.) Weyes Blood (11 p.m.) Chicano Batman (midnight) Woodian Indian (1 a.m.)

Hard Rock Cafe Krill (7 p.m.) Murrieta (8 p.m.) Avid Dancer (9 p.m.) Ava Luna (10 p.m.) Senators (11 p.m.) Vertical Scratchers (midnight)

Hotel San Carlos Prowling Kind (7 p.m.) Something Went Awry (8 p.m.) Wild Ones (9 p.m.) PigPen Theatre Co. (10 p.m.) Dry River Yacht Club (11 p.m.) Tobie Milford (midnight)

PHX Alley Stage Wolvves (8 p.m.) GRMLN (9 p.m.) Petty Things (10 p.m.) Playboy Manbabby (11 p.m.)

Sun Devil Auto Caught A Ghost (9 p.m.) Black Carl (10 p.m.) Vox Urbana (11 p.m.) Blunt Club Takeover (midnight)

Vig Fillmore Zubia Bros (5 p.m. to 7 p.m.)

Monroe Street Stage DJ Smite and Friends (6 p.m. to 11 p.m.)

Viva PHX takes place on Friday, March 7, across downtown Phoenix. Tickets are $19 in advance.

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