Vote for Pedro Tour

Gosh, Pedro Sanchez must have some mad skills besides owning sweet bikes or hooking up with chicks, since the newly elected class president of Preston High School has been visiting dance clubs and discotheques across North America lately. Then again, indie film actor Efren Ramirez just might be trying to milk his newfound pop cultural popularity status from his turn as Idaho's favorite mumble-mouthed Mexican exchange student in Napoleon Dynamite to further his side career as a DJ. But dang, don't expect him to be wearing his FFA medal or that certain chic-looking ringed tee shirt you saw on sale at the mall for $20. He'll probably only be spinning hard house and techno, along with some old-school hip-hop and '80s retro, just like he's been doing since he co-founded Nocturnal Rampage, a SoCal party crew, in 2001. And who knows -- if you stick around after the gig, maybe Efren will give you an autograph or quote you a line and help your wildest dreams come true. This 18-and-over dance party hits the Arizona Beach Club on Friday, December 16.
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