VW Trainwreck Adds Bad Music Video to Catalog of Shitty Artistic Output

Remember VW Trainwreck? Sure you do. I told you about how much the Tempe punk band sucks in our You Asked For It column last March only to field a bunch of angry comments from the band and its supporters.

The 'Wreck later claimed to be starting a "revolution" in the Phoenix scene with one over-promoted show at Big Fish Pub back in November. The show was, of course, most notable because of a ridiculously offensive flier which featured, among other things, a homosexual gang rape and a man tied to a cactus in Matthew Shepard-like fashion. Less than a month after that show lead singer Kevin Wunder split town for Chicago. He claims to have been working as a professional comedian. I'll believe it when I see a pay-stub from somewhere other than a laundromat.

Presumably, Kevin's work was done after that one show though. I mean, has the Phoenix punk scene really seemed the same since November 21, 2009? Has it?

Not content to rest on its laurels, VW has released a video one of their dunce friends shot two years ago. The video is for the band's theme song, natch. The friend, Michael Forstein, who claims to be a professional videographer, has written a 1,000 word treatise on how awesome his friend's band is in the comment section here. An excerpt:

As you'll see, this video is not the work of an "asshat" out to make himself look good at the expense of others. From my experience, most bands' first music videos are in some way self-aggrandizing. This video, for the record, was the only one VW Trainwreck were interested in making.

Yes, these boys take themselves mighty seriously for a two-bit comedic punk band who may or may not have a drummer and bassist (they twittered at me but have not responded to my reply question about whether they actually have a complete band). Forestein, for his part, claims not to know whether the band even has a third member. Riiiight.

Enjoy this video from two years ago and pray there won't be another in two more years.

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