W Hotels' Wake Up Call Music Festival Launches in Scottsdale on September 30

It’s not like music festivals are a new thing. Woodstock, anyone? In fact, long-running ones, like Coachella, going strong since 1993, have inspired a hearty annual calendar of multi-act, multi-day concert destinations. Whether you want your music delivered via stages at a remote desert site like the aforementioned Coachella or by running around to various venues in the heart of a big city, like South by Southwest, you’ve got options. The W Hotels Worldwide chain is about to give you another.

WAKE UP CALL: A W Hotels Music Festival marks the first-ever hotel music festival of its kind. The weekend-long event launches at the W’s Scottsdale location, with a follow-up fest to take place in Las Vegas after those digs are complete in 2017. This sleek and modern spot, a beloved go-to for the Scottsdale party crowd, will host a non-stop mix of live performances, meet and greets, pool parties, VIP lounges, and pop up events. Scheduled acts include Bebe, Rexha, De La Soul, Matoma, and Mayer Hawthorne. Cee Lo Green will make the scene to do a DJ set for attendees.

Because of the setting, the peripheral events are a little different than the usual festival options. When you’re not catching a live act or partying on the pool deck, you can get pampered at scattered spa pop-ups or kick your hangover’s ass with a morning cardio drumming workout class, to name just a few. To create a fully immersive experience, the W folks are planning to activate the entire space with both sound and activity throughout the weekend.

Visit for details, regular and VIP passes, and room packages. Daily tickets start at $50, and three-day passes start at $100. Add in a hotel room for the weekend and the price creeps up to $349 for the room and $549 for suites.

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