Wanda Jackson, Andrew WK, Breaking News, and More Over the Weekend

Clubhouse Music Venue Owner Arrested

Tempe Police Department dropped a major bombshell today when it announced the arrest of Eugenia L. Ruven, the owner of the Clubhouse Music Venue.

As we reported earlier this afternoon, the 44-year-old (who also owns the adjacent Horse & Hound Sports Grill) was cited and released by Tempe cops for code violations in regards to the venue's security plan permit, a misdemeanor offense, during the shootout between rival gang members outside the Clubhouse last Friday.

Police officials also announced that the Clubhouse's security plan, which is an important part of its operational use permit, has been revoked by the city of Tempe, a move that could ultimately lead to the concert hall's closure. Read more.

Wanda Jackson's Party Ain't Over at Compound Grill

Wanda Jackson may be 74 years old, but one would hardly know it listening to her belt out classics from her long and storied career Friday night at the Compound Grill.

Working from a set list reaching from her earliest numbers in 1955 to her most recent album produced by Jack White (who did similar wonders a few years back with Loretta Lynn), Jackson, the "Queen of Rockabilly," was in fine form following a two week touring break. Entering the stage to a revved-up classic rockabilly beat, Jackson kicked things off with "Riot in Cell Block #9," followed by an equally rowdy "Rock Me Baby." Dressed in a frilly and spangle-y pink jacket and black pants that matched her full head of hair, Jackson's third number, "Hard-Headed Woman," elicited big cheers. Her fans, many her age or close (though there was a younger, suitably retrobilly chic contingent as well), heartily welcomed every song, hung on every joke and tolerated every song's story, a couple of which were somewhat long-winded, something even Jackson acknowledged.

See the full Wanda Jackson slideshow.

Shooting Outside of Chasers in Scottsdale Injures One

Shots rang out early this morning outside Scottsdale music venue Chasers Bar and Nightclub as a squabble between family members resulted in gunfire and one person being wounded.

According to the Scottsdale Police Department, an argument between Jahnkay T. Summons of Chandler and his brother started after midnight inside the bar (which was hosting the rap-rock event Smoke Phatties Day, featuring Property Six and other local bands) carried over into the parking lot.

The verbal altercation became violent, when Summons allegedly pulled a gun and fired at his sibling. The shot missed and instead hit their cousin in the head, causing superficial injuries. Read more.

Green Lady Killers at Hollywood Alley

The only thing hotter than two badass rock 'n' roll chicks? Why, that would be three badass rock 'n' roll chicks. I think the packed crowd at Hollywood Alley in Mesa will vouch for me on this one.

Los Angeles rockers The Green Lady Killers made a triumphant return to the Valley with a jamming set last night. Vocalist/guitarist Lady Van Buren and drummer Cherrybomb have been refining their act since their move to the coast. The ladies are playing as hard and as fast as ever, aided by the fat bass sound of new addition Ivy Rose.

The hour-long set showed off the shiny new bassist as well as some of the new tracks the band has penned. Read more.

The Fabulous Thunderbirds at Crescent Ballroom

Last night, Crescent Ballroom officially was broken in. Forget the too-cool-for-school crowd. Once a bunch of ladies exiting middle age get drunk and dance at the front of the room, you no longer have the shiniest new venue in town. And, yeah, that now makes the place that much more awesome.

As you probably know, all it takes for those ladies to lower their inhibitions is three Michelob Ultras and music they can swing their hips to. Last night, they met an excess of both in the form of Paul Gurvitz and The New Army, along with Texas roadhouse rockers The Fabulous Thunderbirds. Read more.

Bill Frisell's Beautiful Dreamers at Compound Grill

Many are those who believe jazz is boring, a style of music favorable to older generations and featuring only stodgy musicians playing the same tired standards in uninspired fashion. To some degree, these beliefs do have merit.

Then there's Bill Frisell.

The guitarist looks at jazz as the complex medium that it is and then proceeds to push the genres' limit that much further out. Improvisation is the true core of Frisell's work, and he's an artist -- thankfully -- all too willing to walk the line between musical success and failure. In fact, during the opening number Saturday night at the Compound Grill, Frisell's Beautiful Dreamers, featuring Eyvind Kang on violin and Rudy Royston on drums, balanced on that musical tightrope and almost made it cleanly across save for a smile-inducing stumble from Frisell. But it was a stumble a true jazz crowd appreciates, and this audience of 150 gave the band plenty of thanks. Read more.

>Andrew WK at the Marquee Theatre What a drag. We're sad to report that our own Dan Gibson, intrepid UOTS contributor, Tucson correspondent, and author of the Andrew WK piece in this week's issue, was unable to make it to the Andrew WK and Math the Band show last night, which by all accounts wasn't packed.

Which is too bad, because the action shots and video captured by our own Melissa Fossum show find Mr. WK in fine, fine shape indeed.

Backed by a guitar army, his take on "She is Beautiful" last night demonstrates everything there is to love about the man. Clocking in at under three minutes, the jam is an obnoxious, boneheadedly ecstatic ode to a beautiful (Appearance? Inner beauty? Both?) woman, and WK plays the part of cheerleader, motivational speaker, and hype man to the hilt.

See the full Andrew WK and Math the Band slideshow.

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