Wanda Jackson at Compound Grill, 3/9/12

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Wanda Jackson Compound Grill Friday, March 9, 2012

Wanda Jackson may be 74 years old, but one would hardly know it listening to her belt out classics from her long and storied career Friday night at the Compound Grill.

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Working from a set list reaching from her earliest numbers in 1955 to her most recent album produced by Jack White (who did similar wonders a few years back with Loretta Lynn), Jackson, the "Queen of Rockabilly," was in fine form following a two week touring break. Entering the stage to a revved-up classic rockabilly beat, Jackson kicked things off with "Riot in Cell Block #9," followed by an equally rowdy "Rock Me Baby." Dressed in a frilly and spangle-y pink jacket and black pants that matched her full head of hair, Jackson's third number, "Hard-Headed Woman," elicited big cheers. Her fans, many her age or close (though there was a younger, suitably retrobilly chic contingent as well), heartily welcomed every song, hung on every joke and tolerated every song's story, a couple of which were somewhat long-winded, something even Jackson acknowledged.

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