W&W performing at Wild Knight.
W&W performing at Wild Knight.
Taylor Moon

W&W, Wild Knight, 1/25/13

W&W @ Wild Knight|1/25/13

I am not the biggest trance fanatic, but somehow, slowly but surely, its gotten its hooks in me. Applying aural dynamics, 110 to 150 beats per minute are dropped into tempo creates such a magical and melodic sound, and Dutch trance duo W&W proved its mastery of the style last night at Wild Knight. Fist thrusts into the air, lights bright enough to pierce your eyes, and a trance family reunion.

W&W took to the stage around midnight, following support act Josh Evans, who swept everyone's hearts away by simply dropping "Somebody Told Me" by The Killers.

My typical EDM night adventures don't usually involve going to Scottsdale, or being in high heels. (I don't know, I feel obligated to feel a little more wealthy than my broke ass college self. A girl can dream right?) Typical wear for me is pretty simple: shirt, shorts or jeans, and comfy shoes (Vans), but my feet were overwhelmed by heels trying to hold my body up straight while my hands flew into the air and my heels stomped into the ground.

I'm just so used to having space to dance, but Wild Knight didn't have it. It was packed, and crowed, but the closeness of the crowd added to the family feel, and the lack of space didn't stop the crowd from moving.

Double W's made the sounds seem effortless, as they shredded the crowd ears with trance. Each track played was building up, and as time progressed so did the tempo, with mid-song breakdowns acting as key moments of success.

When Ws' weren't dropping their own tracks they dropped songs from other trance gods, like Above and Beyond's "Sun & Moon," and Porter Robinson's top chart hit, "Language." These well-known electronic anthems helped unite the crowd into unison.

Critics Notebook:

Last Night: W&W at Wild Knight. The Crowd: Everyone overdressed, everyone taking part of the "you have to" dress up in Scottsdale myth. Then again, there's nothing wrong with dressing up here and there. Personal Bias: After having read trance artists Armin Van Buuren's quotes about W&W in DJ Mag, I have to agree. "W&W are truly the rising stars of trance. If I have to put my money on somebody, I put it on W&W." I think he was spot on. Overheard in the crowd: "EDC! EDC! EDC!" I suppose some are in hopes of W&W. Random Notebook Dump: My feet are going to give me hell tomorrow! Say no to heels.

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