Wanna design Digital Summer’s new logo?

By Benjamin Leatherman

Can you conjure up something better than these examples?

Local hard rock fivesome Digital Summer has itself a pretty crazy-ass, dedicated fanbase. For proof, look no further than last month’s cover story I wrote on DS. In the piece I described how Digital Summer’s ferverent fans and street team members have covered the Valley with the band’s signature stickers, flocked to their gigs by the hundreds, and utilized all manner of guerilla marketing tactics to get DS into the public eye.

Their zealotry for Digital Summer doesn’t end there, as supporters have been known to write poetry about the band, and have even tattooed their bodies with the band’s various logos (like a winged hypodermic needle). Frontman Kyle Winterstein and other members have admitted to me that a lot of the band’s success is due to their fanbase’s efforts, and now Winterstein and company are asking for their assistance yet again. This time, however, they’re looking for help in designing a new logo for the band.

From a recent post on the DS MySpace site:

Digital Summer is looking for help in designing a DS logo. We've been through multiple artists, designers, friends, etc. and haven't seen anything we like enough thus far, so we're turning to YOU, the fans! The winner will receive a Digital Summer prize pack, filled with all sorts of goodies (autographed CDs, posters, guitar picks, drum sticks, tickets, unreleased pics and more!). Plus get full credit for the design in all artwork and publications.

What were looking for:

We're open to all ideas, however, we would like to see the letters "D" and "S" incorporated together somehow. Be creative, but keep in mind, we need something that is easy on the eyes and at the same time recognizable to all Digital Summer fans! Something that could be used as a decal would be preferred as well. It doesn't need to be crazy…sometimes simple is good!

How it works:

The contest starts now! So get designing! There is no deadline for the contest, we will simply keep it going until we get a design we like!

Email designs to: [email protected]

Designs should be sent in JPEG format. Be sure to include your contact information as well. (full name, address, phone number, etc.)

The Prize:

Like we mentioned earlier, the winner will receive a Digital Summer prize pack, loaded with stuff you won't be able to get any other time! Along with the prize pack, and most importantly, the winners logo will be used for a great majority of Digital Summer related things (CD artwork, flyers, stickers, shirts, etc)

Good luck! Peace-DS

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Benjamin Leatherman is a staff writer at Phoenix New Times. He covers local nightlife, music, culture, geekery, and fringe pursuits.