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Wanted: One Kick-Ass Intern for Fall 2010

Are you a hard-working and responsible student at an Arizona college or university who fancies him or herself a music writer?

You may just have a shot at being Phoenix New Times fall music intern.

Be warned: This is not a job for someone who is looking for easy credits and to pad a résumé. Nope, this is more of a bittersweet blend of agony and glory for someone who wants to develop serious chops writing for the best features blog in the state and for our highly respected print product.

This internship is unpaid and must be for credit at a college or university. You do not have to be a journalism student, but you do need to be eligible for an internship of this type. You will put in pretty much every hour the government allows. You will write a lot -- like every weekday.You will be criticized by angry readers who will leave anonymous comments saying you should have been aborted, etc. You will be constructively criticized by editors and your peers. You will write on deadline when you would rather be sleeping. You will even have assigned reading.

You will see shows for free and get free records. You will talk to people you love and admire. A few people will recognize your name. You'll work with very talented people who will coach you and push you to develop your skills. You may end up staying on as part of our stable of paid freelancers after the semester.

There will be one of you.

Interested? Tweet at me.

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Martin Cizmar
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