Warpaint: The Fool

For all intents and purposes, I could tell that at least the lead singer and guitarist/backup vocalist were female, but I had no idea the entire band was. It changes absolutely nothing about my reception of The Fool as it steadily inches towards becoming one of October's better new releases -- and that's saying something with the bevy of quality albums out this month.

What the critics are saying:

The Guardian: There is something subtly contrary about this band: their most enigmatic song bears the name Warpaint, while their least-composed song - which opens in a fury of shouted vocals and uncoils in a meandering jam of slowly detuned guitars - is called Composure.

Spin: While too many indie girl groups seem content to rebuild the Wall of Sound brick by brick, this Los Angeles quartet dedicate their hypnotic harmonies and guitars to a different cause: the House of Ian Curtis.

Blare Magazine: Identical to a brunette in a summer dress at a loft party, The Fool is mysteriously attractive. It's shy yet riveting, softspoken yet mesmerizing.

Clash Music: There is a hypnotic atmosphere throughout, with harsh tinny guitars drilling through your head, and the LP's only real letdown is that it would benefit from the injection of a change of pace to invigorate the moodiness.

The Fool is out now via Rough Trade.


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