Was John Mayer's Racist Comment Taken Out of Context?

No, not exactly. The recent controversy over John Mayer's interview with Playboy has been discussed from nearly every angle. The journalist who interviewed him, Rob Tannenbaum, said that there was much more to the interview than the tiny blip that was repeated, re-posted, and re-Tweeted so many times. 

He contends that as we further and further reduce things into smaller and smaller bites, (we're now down to explaining our lives in 140 characters or less) that the complexity and nuances of people and what they say are lost. His interview and response also has journalists worried that it will be even more difficult to get their subjects to open up for an interview in a short period of time. He makes good points. 

But the man still said "nigger" (and not in reference to what someone else said) and called his own dick a white supremacist. While we may all try not to be judgmental, one has to wonder just how many different ways that statement can be interpreted.

 Rob Tannenbaum, The Guy Who Asked the Q's In The Disastrous John Mayer Playboy Q&A, Speaks: "I Hope the Story Will Have a Revisionist Phase, Where More People Address the Non-Repulsive Things He Had To Say"

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