Watch Foo Fight The Westboro Baptist Church, Plus Four More Awesome Foo Fighters and Dave Grohl Moments

​The Westboro Baptist Church can suck it as far as the Foo Fighters are concerned. Yeah, the big, fat, homoerotic "it."

When the inbred, bigoted "church" decided to protest the Foo Fighters Kansas City show last month, the band pushed back with a satiric tribute that left the purveyors scratching their heads.

The video surfaced online four days ago, which got us thinking about the other awesome Foo Fighters and Dave Grohl moments we've seen over the years. (Lucky for this list, someone at some point had the right to release the band's image.)

1. Grohl kicks concertgoer out of iTunes Festival for fighting

Dave Grohl has the power to do what you wish you could. You know the scene. Some asshole is in the crowd is causing a ruckus and ruining everyone's good time, yet for some reason, security refuses to do anything about it. When a "fan" (we say that with some sarcasm) started a fight in the middle of a Foo show, Grohl didn't hesitate to stop mid-song to give him a profanity-laced piece of his mind, then kick the dude out. Watch him handle it like a boss.

2. "Fresh Pots"

OK, technically this is a Them Crooked Vultures thing, but it can't go without mention in this list. When Josh Homme and John Paul Jones, Grohl's TCV bandmates, caught on to his absurd addiction to coffee and caffeine, they decided to do something about it. Basically, they made a video documenting all of Grohl's screams for "fresh pots" of coffee.

It's hilarious, but it wasn't really a joke. Two weeks later, Grohl was rushed to the doctor "due to the onset of unwanted physical effects caused by too much caffeine," the video says. He's now consuming fewer fresh pots.

3. The music video for "Learn to Fly"

Surely you've seen this video in the past, but when was the last time you gave it hard watch? Do you remember a braces-wearing, pigtailed Dave Grohl getting an autograph from a clean cut, late '90s Dave Grohl? Or what a surprisingly attractive female drummer Taylor Hawkins makes? Question your sexuality in 3.. 2...

4. Will Ferrell and Dave Grohl sing "Leather and Lace" live

Don Henley and Stevie Nicks started it, but Will Ferrell and Grohl perfected it. Just watch the duo's intense eye contact as they sing the 1981 hit. We have a feeling both leather and lace were involved later that night.

Catch what awesome things may come live on October 16 at U.S. Airways Center with support from Cage The Elephant.

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Christina Caldwell