Watch Steve Nash Get a Lapdance from Nicki Minaj

Steve Nash

really seems eager to rub Phoenix's collective nose in the fact that he's hanging out with pop musicians instead of playing basketball this April.

While the first round of the NBA playoffs is in full swing, the team Nash leads is no part of it, leaving him free to do things like pal around with Canadian indie rockers Arcade Fire before their sold out show at Comerica Theatre last week.

Or get a lapdance from Pink Friday singer-rapper Nicki Minaj during her set at Lil' Wayne's "I'm Still Music" tour last night at U.S. Airways Center. Check it out in the above video.

"I think I just got a lapdance from @nickiminaj?" he tweeted.

Yes, yes you did, Steve.

This happened on the same floor where Nash would have been playing basketball this week had he not failed as the leader of an underperforming Phoenix Suns squad. Alas, he's busy having Minaj rub her giant and gross fake ass on him instead.

While Nash is no longer a married man, his career in politics would surely take a hit as a result of this..... were he planning one.... which he's probably not. Ahem.

By the way, Suns season tickets for 2011-12 go on sale here!

Judging by how content the team's captain is to lose 42 games and spend his spring partying you should have your evenings free by, oh, about this time next year.

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