Wavves to Come Through Phoenix on Fall Tour

Nathan Williams, the creative force behind Wavves, has been having an interesting last few months. There was the meltdown incident in Spain and the broken wrist. He released a new song, Mickey Mouse, a week ago and now he's announced the icing on the cake : a tour stop in Phoenix at the Rhythm Room. Since our resident Wavves super fan (I'll let you guess who) is unable to report the news, I've taken it upon myself to let our faithful readers know.

Wavves will play Rhythm Room Thursday, October 15 with Ganglians in support. This show is another boon for the Valley's already impressive late summer/early fall live line up. I reported last week that Yo La Tengo was playing at the Marquee Theater and Benjamin Leatherman just announced a pretty remarkable Sonic Youth show for this October. Wavves helps the respectability of Phoenix's reputation as a big live music destination while Sonic Youth and Yo La Tengo solidify the fact.

More and more bands are playing the Valley; choosing to make an extra stop on tour between L.A., San Diego and Austin for their adoring Phoenix fans. I don't know about you, but I am excited to see who chooses to stop by next.

Check out Wavves' MySpace at myspace.com/wavves.

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