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W.C. Clark

Men who treat their women badly, beware: W.C. Clark could steal your woman. He made a whole CD called Deep In The Heart -- rich with Memphis soul, Texas blues, and contemporary R&B -- seemingly dedicated to that task. "Her husband had his chances /he didn't treat her right/instead of coming home to his beautiful wife/he would stay out all night," Clark sings on "Jaded Lady." He goes on to belt out his woman-stealing-wail alongside soulful saxophones. In "Ain't Lost Nothin'," Clark consoles a jilted lover, telling her she deserves better than that deserting scumbag anyway. "You love a man that don't love you/I guess you got a lot of abuse." As if his sensitive lyrics and mature musicianship weren't enough, Clark also played bass in Stevie Ray Vaughan's Triple Threat Revue and co-wrote the song "Cold Shot," which boosts his cool factor with lovelorn ladies. And he's a mean guitar player too.
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