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We Are Scientists @ Rhythm Room

We Are Scientists crafts great songs, tunes that are sincere and catchy slices of indie rock. But the Berkeley trio's primary appeal (besides looking sharp in suits) may lie in its sense of humor. There are the music videos, especially 2005's "The Great Escape," which features the band's members crouched together in a shower. There's also the group's Instagram feed, which shows a poorly Photoshopped pic depicting the past romances of drummer Keith Murray and bassist Chris Cain and the cast of The Breakfast Club. And then there's the website, full of advice letters to movie star Rooney Mara. Now five albums into a 14-year career, We Are Scientists adroitly experiments with different sounds on each record, from the relatable exquisiteness of With Love and Squalor (2005) to the synth-laden dance rock of Brain Thrust Mastery (2008). The band's latest, TV en Français, delves deeper into its greatest strength, accessible pop-rock. Like the type of nice guy or girl worthy of meeting your parents, We Are Scientists only gets more lovable the more you get to know 'em.

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Melissa Fossum
Contact: Melissa Fossum