We Now Know: "David" Is So Vain He Probably Thinks This Blog Is About Him

For years, people have been speculating about Carly Simon's 1973 number one hit "You're So Vain." No one could figure out exactly who was the megalomaniac that Simon was referring to, and she remained tight-lipped about it all these years.

Until now.

Simon recently released a greatest-hits album with a new version of "You're So Vain" that includes a subtle but comprehensible aural clue to the mystery. It seems that she whispers the name "David" during the chorus of the song. While many blogs and newspapers have concluded that it must be David Geffen, there are other possibilities. Geffen was her producer at the time, and supposedly Simon was always resentful that he spent more time and energy focusing on Joni Mitchell's career than hers. NPR suggests that it may also be David Crosby. British newspaper The Telegraph speculates that David Cassidy and David Bowie are still viable candidates. Simon won't say any more. Guess her ex Warren Beatty had it all wrong when he called to thank her for it. Sorry, Warren.

STORY: New Clues to Subject of Carly Simon Hit

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