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Wednesday Album Stream: Beach House's Teen Dream

If you listen to just one dream pop album this year, I implore you to make that album Beach House's Teen Dream. The Baltimore duo's second full-length comes out next Tuesday, but that didn't stop those in the know over at NPR from providing us with an opportunity to give it a listen. They have nabbed Teen Dream as their newest Exclusive First Listen, providing fans with a stream of the entire album. It also didn't stop "Nothing Not New" writer Jay Bennett from providing his take on the album. Sometimes a "Nothing Not New" feature is provided too far in advance of a particular album's release (Yeasayer's Odd Blood isn't out until February 9, for instance) for some readers to accurately agree or dispute what has been said -- not in this instance, however. Thanks to the fine folks at NPR, savvy listeners can listen to the album in its entirety before it hits stores. Other savvy music fans, including yours truly, know an advance copy of this album hit the Internet a month ago. Whatever the case may be, Teen Dream is there for you to listen and enjoy as immensely as human possible.

Teen Dream is slated for release on January 26 via Sub Pop.

Beach House will play the Rhythm Room on April 19, fresh off their set at Coachella.

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Michael Lopez