Club Candids

Wednesday Warriors

This week, Club Candids showed up to work with a hangover because we hit The Door on Wednesday night for the one-year anniversary of Groove Candy. The midweek hip-hop/R&B dance night was packed with folks dressed to the nines in their favorite urban garb. (Click here for more photos.) The club has ditched its speakeasy shtick (at first, you had to locate a special key to get in) and opened itself to the public. All we had to do was throw a little cash and flash our ID to make our entrance at the small club, which is decked out with pin-up-style posters of hot ladies, a dance floor, and about a million booths to cuddle up in. This place has got a little something for everyone.

To our surprise, it wasn't until midnight that the place starting really hopping, proving that no matter what night it is, this city has officially turned nocturnal for the summer. With reasonable drink prices, it wasn't long until incessant mingling took place and the dance floor hemorrhaged to fill the entire club with hot, gyrating bodies. With the crowd buzzing, it was tough to tear ourselves away before 2 a.m., and even though our early-morning alarm clock was brutal, it was worth it.

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Lilia Menconi
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