Weekend Excitement

I'm fighting bouts of nausea (some sort of stomach bug I caught from my nephews Caden and Torin, I'm assuming) and trying to get my ass well enough to hit up the rock shows this weekend. Tomorrow evening, if all goes well, I'll be off to Angelo's Lounge at 16th Street and Osborn to watch

An Aesthetic

, whose name I've made fun of


in the blogosphere, play with

Telomere Repair

from Long Beach along with

Mercury Pose


Slab City

, and strangely enough, some hip-hop DJ's and live painting. Sean Wilkes Booth, guitarist for the An Aesthetic trio, sent over a couple of songs to whet my appetite, little of it as I have right now. Sean writes, "This one is called "The Stigmata Lambada." That's right, a forbidden Brazilian dance executed while exhibiting the wounds of Christ." "The Stigmata Lambada":


"(Couldn't Help But) Wonder": http://media.newtimes.com/id/179547/


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