Charlie Shooter
Charlie Shooter

Weekend Roundup: Loren Battle, Don Bolles of The Germs, Anvil, Charlie Shooter, Honey Tonk CMAs

Regardless of where you end up this Halloween weekend, do us a favor: show up in costume. Halloween may not be until Monday, but that's a school night, so we won't blame you for getting 'yer spookified ya yas out this weekend.

Each Friday we pick five must-see shows, join us for this week's installment.

Friday, October 28:

Loren Battle bring their growling, drumstick spinning juju to the Clubhouse Music Venue.

Sticky Fingers at Bar Smith features a DJ set from Don Bolles of The Germs.

("He did drive out from Arizona...that counts for something.")

Saturday, October 29:

Charlie Shooter Blue Collar CD release at Long Wong's, in Tempe>

Even if you aren't into Charlie's honky tonking, there's plenty going on at Long Wong's tonight, with support from page the Village Idiot, Quick Henry, Japhy's Descent, Banana Gun, Keltic Cowboys, Coconauts, Future Loves Past, and Strange Young Things. Whew! That's a lot of bands.

Remember the Anvil doc? The film was heartbreaking, and strangely inspiring. See 'em live at Club Red.

Sunday, October 30:

Valley Fever CMAs at Yucca Tap Room

"Country legends rise from the dead and drive in from Nashville to convene at Valley Fever inside of the Yucca Tap Room." Sounds good to us!

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