Ween Is Over, But We Still Have These Five Dork Rock Groups to Love

It's not usually a happy ending for a band when only some of their members are informed that they're breaking up. Aaron Freeman, a.k.a. Gene Ween, said earlier this week that it's time for him to put Ween to rest. "It's been a long time -- 25 years," Freeman said in an interview with Rolling Stone. "It was a good run."

He forgot to consider one minor detail when he made this decision, though: His bandmate Mickey Melchiondo, a.k.a. Dean Ween, was never formally informed that his Ween days had suddenly come to an end. It was "news to me," Melchiondo said. Even Ween's publicist had no information about the sneak attack-style breakup.

Although experimental rock band Ween is no longer around to entertain us (unless they pull a Jay-Z still stint of going in and out of retirement, or they are already planning a reunion tour), we can still hold a few dork rock bands near and dear to our hearts.

Check out five of our favorite goofy groups, in no particular order, after the jump...

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Lenni Rosenblum