Weezer Reveals Tour Locations...Sort Of

By Jonathan McNamara

Weezer loves YouTube. If the video for "Pork and Beans" wasn't proof enough, there's this latest offering from the band on their official YouTube channel that reveals the band's upcoming tour route...through song.

Did I hear "Phoenix" in there?

The band says the concert will begin on September 23 meaning that if the songs played in this video are in route order, Weezer will kick off their tour for The Red Album in Boston.

This comes hot on the heels of an August 2 video offering cryptic hints through iconic images of various locations on the tour backed by the band's second radio release from The Red Album "Troublemaker."

I'm no expert, but I did catch John Denver (Denver), Boston Red Sox (Boston) The Driskill Hotel (Austin), J.R. (Dallas) and the space shuttle (Houston).

Who knows the rest? Comment below, please.


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