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Weird War

While shrieking, hanging-from-the-rafters front man Ian Svenonius and groovy bassist/chanteuse Michelle Mae led the Vespa-riding, white-belted indie kids in a gospel yeah-yeah revolution with The Make-Up during the late '90s, their latest act, Weird War, has evolved -- or is it devolved? -- into a purveyor of glorious psych sleaze suitable for an Easy Rider orgy. Illuminated by the Light is Weird War's album number four (if you count the outrageous disc the band released under the temporary moniker the Scene Creamers), and it's a mellower, pared-down affair compared to earlier efforts. That said, it's still deeply funky, with fuzzed-out guitar riffs and Svenonius' signature soul falsetto, which he's been perfecting ever since his days with D.C. punk darlings Nation of Ulysses. Expect a sweaty, electric live show, with fans' unhinged dancing rivaling the moves onstage; impressively, Weird War gets this kind of reception without the help of any trendy keyboards. We can't promise that there won't be any cowbell, though.
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Michele Laudig
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