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Weirdo Update

After I posted a couple of songs from the enigmatic Janis Joplin Crap N Vomit last week, the band sent me a couple of emails to explain what the deal is. And it just got weirder. Here's the illumination from "Pete aka Solvent the Solution":

"Two piece, bass and drums. So as long as our weight holds constant we keep a balance. Usually the best sounds, ideas and songs come from bands who just started so hence we force ourselves to forget any advancement. The world needs another Joplin bio pic cause the Billy Dee Williams version didnt have enough of his tunes. It crossed my mind how much I love Do Re Mi from sound of music. A really nice guy from around here is Jalipez from Audio Confusion. Phoenix has too many flat roofs and not enough height. Im rereading Asimovs foundation books. Beer in green bottles is the best. My cats seem happy that Im home. We're strongly against seal clubbing. We dont have tshirts but we have JJCnV candles for sale."

Then, shortly afterwards, this email came:

"and heres the former response translated to Portuguese and back. I prefer this one

Sorry on being behind in respomding. Started it only stops backwards of the pacific nanowatt. Two parts, basses and cylinders. In order long because our weight arrests the constant we keep a counterbalance. Generally the better sounds, ideas and songs come of the bands that in them had only started thus daqui if they force if to forget the advance all. The world needs one another cause that pic bio of Joplin didnt of the version of Dee Williams of billy has sufficient of its tunes. It crossed my mind how much I love I make re the mile of the sound of music. One guy really pleasant of around is here Jalipez of the audio confusion. Phoenix not sufficiently has too much many smooth roofs and height. Books rereading of the foundation of Im Asimovs. The beer in green bottles is better. My cats seem happy that the Im. rest We are strong of meeting clubbing of the stamp. We do not have tshirts but we have candles of JJCnV for venda."

I prefer the Portugese version myself...

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Brendan Kelley