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What Cheer? Brigade: We Blow You Suck

Artist: What Cheer? Brigade

Title: We Blow You Suck
Release date: May 25
Label: Anchor Brain

The world of rock music is plenty big enough for everyone, I suppose. But really, what's the point of a record by a marching band that's marketed to the indie music world? Seriously, who's listening to this at home? Who's buying this?

At a street fair or music festival or even a good old-fashioned parade, I can respect the novelty of seeing a "rock 'n' roll marching band." At a club? Getting colder . . . On record? Please. There's gimmickry and then there's just pointlessness.

Didn't the whole trend of rock 'n' roll marching bands last for about five minutes in 2008? Has rock music become so stagnant for fans that they actually choose to listen to marching bands? 

If anyone can explain the indie-rock marching band phenomenon, that would be great. But "They're fun" is not an acceptable explanation. 

Best song: I'll say the opening track, "Malaguena." It's as representative as anything on the record. 
Rotation: Low
Deja vu: High school
I'd rather listen to: This band doing stuff like "On Broadway" and "Celebration" and "Vehicle."
Grade: D

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