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What Is Arizona's Favorite Band? The Answer Might Surprise You (And It Ain't Alice Cooper)

Sorry to say, Meat Puppets, but you ain't Arizona's favorite band. At least, not anymore. Same goes for you, Gin Blossoms, Roger Clyne, Jimmy Eat World, and Alice Cooper. Y'all don't rate, at least not to the number crunchers at The Echo's Nest, a Massachusettes-based "music intelligence company" that supplies data on listening behavior to services like Spotify and Rdio.

And according to the company, our fair state's band might come as bit of a surprise, depending on your particular music tastes.

It's nu-metal favorites Linkin Park, which is fronted by homegrown rock hero Chester Bennington, who currently splits his time between Phoenix and L.A.

Paul Lamere, the director of developer platforms for The Echo's Nest, analyzed the listening habits of an extensive sampling of 250,000 listeners on such services as Spotify.

He grouped the most-listened-to bands for each state and produced the following map, which was posted to his blog along with more in-depth explanations regarding his methodology and analysis earlier today.

Some of the bands in each state don't come as much of a shocked (such as Kurt Vile in Oregon, George Straight in Texas, or Rick Ross in Florida), while others seem unusual (B.o.B in Iowa?)

The fact that Linkin Park has roots in Arizona via Bennington may have something to do with the choice, as Lamere noted that results certain states skewed more towards hometown artists (such as the ATL's Young Jeezy ranking third in Georgia or The Boss being tops in New Jersey).

Unsurprisingly, he also notes that sociopolitical factors are also involved with listening habits, which means acts like Hillsong United are big in the more religious states. Go fig.

So what does Arizona's most listened-too band say about us? Um...apparently we really, really like to listen to nu-metal that peaked in the Aughts.

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