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What Laura Says - "Girl Not Gonna Leave"

The first song on the EP, "Girl Not Gonna Leave," is quite possibly the best song -- it's also a song that the band has been working on and playing at their live shows for quite some time. Singer/guitarist James Mulhern recently took some time to share some tidbits on the Talk EP, as well as "Girl Not Gonna Leave," which you can hear after the jump.

What Laura Says - Girl Not Gonna Leave by EmLeaux

While we listened to "Girl Not Gonna Leave," Mulhern remarked how he felt it was the most "swamp rock" sounding song on the EP. A lot of the writing process and, thus, the song's meaning is left up to the band's other singer/guitarist and co-founder, Danny Godbold. Mulhern remembers being blown away by the chilling, ethereal closing vocals on the track upon his first time listening to the song's demo.

If all four songs have their own unique style, "Girl Not Gonna Leave" acts as the best attention-grabber of them all, perfectly situated as the EP's opening number. "Porch Indiana" sounds as if it could have fit in perfectly on Bloom Cheek, while "Sun Is (Out)" showcases the band's penchant for working in a more experimental sound while still showcasing Godbold and Mulhern's respective vocal prowess. The final track on the EP, "Oh, My Neighbor" -- like "Girl Not Gonna Leave" before it -- fits in best at the end. It is a slow, meandering track that is the one song from the EP that has the best chance to get stuck in your head, thanks in part to its delightfully singable chorus.

While we must wait some time for What Laura Says' next album, Talk acts as a four-song barometer towards that horizon, while also providing the band with new material to master in a live setting, an opportunity Mulhern very much relishes. "There is a new challenge, vocally, with these new songs" he said, alluding to the band's yeoman-like attitude towards their live shows. It's hard not to take notice, then, of Mulhern's dedication towards his band's material -- a dedication that is made all the more evident throughout the entire course of their Talk EP.

The Talk EP is out now via Sun Dawg and can be found on iTunes. Please to enjoy the video for "Oh, My Neighbor:"

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