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What Laura Says' New Album Comes Out Today, According to Pitchfork

Not ones to outdo themselves, P4K, as the kids call it, just listed Phoenix's own What Laura Says in their newest edition of upcoming releases for summer 2010 (be sure to click "Continue Reading" at the bottom of the post). The indie/blues/folk quintet are readying their second full-length, Bloom Cheek, for release this Tuesday. This was significant enough a release for Pitchfork to throw the band some love, listing it amongst only 13 other releases from the likes of Big Boi, Fol Chen, Baths, and Kylie Minogue. It's certainly a nice boost for the album and a great start for everything once the album hits store shelves. 

(Full disclosure: I am in a relationship with a relative of one of the guys from What Laura Says and I have seen them perform live more times than I can count.)

At any rate, what Arizona-related news item/band will make it on Pitchfork next week? Only time will tell...

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Michael Lopez