"What My Spirit Hood Means To Me": Coachella-Goers Explain

Gabrielle Canon
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By Gabrielle Canon

Spirit Hoods are back! At Coachella this year these fuzzy animal-themed head gears resembling furs (but not!) have returned with a vengeance; one's instinct remains, as always, to mock them, but this year, with heavy winds and thick drops of cold rain coming down, they actually serve a function. But staying warm was just one of many reasons Coachella attendees gave for wearing their Spirit Hoods. Behold.

5. "It looks cool" This guy was not wearing a bona fide Spirit Hood, but we still give him an "A" for effort. "I don't know what it is but I am wearing it. It was the 'pickup downtown before you leave' special'" he says. Jack, a USC student, was going for style points. "It is just an awesome thing to wear at concerts like these," he says, adding that they are comfy and they look cool.

4. "It speaks to my soul" Not only do spirit hoods define who you are as a person, apparently, but they define who you are as an animal. "It is an extension of yourself," Sarah from Orange County told us. "It's fun to have one that you think represents you. I am wearing the cheetah, which means intelligent, independent, and likes to socialize. I am very independent."

3. "It helps animals" The "Pro Blue" Spirit Hoods allow patrons to support the animal depicted in their head gear, with 10% of proceeds going toward, in this case, grey wolves and snow leopards, apparently.

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2."It changed my life" Tucker Gumber, pictured here with his friend Christina, was inspired by his love of the hood to create a spiritual wellness group and a business that does something or other. "The whole adventure started because of a hat," he says adding, "this totally changed my life. The amount of friends I have met because of this is insane." His hood not only changed how he looked, but also who he is. "When I put this hood on I feel like I look like a rock star. Now I don't even need to wear it. I have had a total transformation of myself in just one year."

1. "It holds my brain in" This girl responded to our inquiries by making a funny, animal-like noise and prancing away. Elsewhere, Eric -- a guy who took to dancing in place before the music commenced -- added, "it feels good [on my head] when I am on 'shrooms and ecstasy." A girl with him put it that her hood "holds my brain in."

See also: *Spirit Hoods: The Weirdest Fashion Startup Ever *Expected Fashion Trends at Coachella

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