What Phoenix Restaurants Have the Best Playlists?

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We like to think we've got similar attitudes about music and food: There's a time for the out-there stuff, there's a time for the cheap and greasy, and there's a time for everything in between.

Whether you're into dining on bone marrow and Filipino sisig to a Sun Ra/La Monte Young record or getting ribs and cheeseburgers while blasting War and AC/DC, a good soundtrack can make a great meal that much better.

Our foodie pals at Chow Bella put up a great post today checking out the playlists heard overheard at some of Phoenix's finest grub-spots. The results range from eclectic (Pita Jungle) and soulful (the excellent sounds at the Parlor Pizzeria), to Tumblr-ific (the P-Fork grooving sounds at Astor House) and brah-dawg (the fratty tunes at Brat Haus).

Take a few minutes to peruse the playlists, then leave a comment with your favorite Phoenix restaurant sounds.

On that note, here's Wendy Rene's smokin' Stax cut "Bar B-Q."

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