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What To Make Of These New Muse Tracks

Muse, everyone's favorite British rock band to love/super-safe pick as favorite band, have recently released two new tracks from their upcoming album The Resistance to a great fervor. People fawned over "United States of Eurasia" when it was released a few weeks ago -- some astute critics even noticed how much the track sounded like some odd Queen B-side from years ago. Yesterday saw the release of yet another track -- "Uprising." All Queen analogies aside, "Uprising" sounds like a Muse song -- as shocking/incredibly bold as that admission may be.

"Uprising" is banking on the success of Muse's 2006 album Black Holes and Revelations -- something that surprises me very little considering that album was a solid offering that helped put Muse's name into consideration as one of England's leading rock bands. Black Holes sounds like it was an absolute blast to record -- and when something like that is noticeable while listening to the album, then the band has to be doing at least something right.

"Uprising" brilliantly showcases Matt Bellamy's vocal bravado, letting listeners know that he is not afraid to blur operatic lines while constructing a rock song. The song has a menacing drum beat -- with a touch of cockiness -- complete with overblown rock guitars to help smooth things out. It's incredibly fun from the outset and it is a perfect indication of what The Resistance -- due out September 14 -- will exactly be.

"Uprising" offers a different direction from the previously leaked "United States of Eurasia," and that variety -- that difference -- is something Muse has made a career out of. "Eurasia" has fancy pianos and violins -- something that sounds like it could be cheesy, but those pianos are used in a way to make them appear dark and menacing. It's a unique mixture all while Bellamy laments "Must we do as we're told?" and "Eurasia-sia-sia." I see where the Queen analogy lies, and I have no qualms with that. It's a bold move to leak as a first new track from an album 3 years in the making, but it's overdone production and overall grandiose feel makes it perfectly Muse.

Check out "United States of Eurasia" and "Uprising" both compliments of Stereogum.

Don't like the weird youtube format of the songs? The band is streaming both at their myspace page

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