What's New with Christina Aguilera

Lately, it seems all the world's heard from Christina Aguilera is her pitch for DirecTV, as her commercials seem to be playing 24-7. And with Lady Gaga dominating the pop world for now, it's a wonder whether Aguilera has anything up her sleeve to get back on top in the music world.

While it may seem like she's been doing nothing but hanging out with her baby, Max, Aguilera has actually been quietly gearing up to release a new album next year, and she collaborated with some big names in pop, including M.I.A., Santigold and Sia.

You can also check her out in her first feature film, Burlesque, set to be released Thanksgiving of next year. You can bet there will be lots of singing by Aguilera, who plays a burlesque dancer in Los Angeles. (And keep an eye out for Cher, who also appears in the film.)

So while it may look like Aguilera has sold out a little, 2010 just might be the year of the comeback for the groundbreaking star. For now, enjoy her commercial:


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