What's Selling: East Side Records

By Benjamin Leatherman

What are the Top 10 best-selling albums at East Side Records, 217 West University Drive in Tempe? Here’s a list, yo.

1. Dystopia, Self-titled (Life is Abuse) 2. King Khan and the Shrines, The Supreme Genius of King Khan (Vice) 3. Atmosphere, Sad Clown Bad Spring 12 (Rhymesayers Entertainment) 4. The Okmoniks, Party Fever (Slovenly Recordings) 5. Flying Lotus, Los Angeles (Warp) 6. Andrew Jackson Jihad, Only God Can Judge Me (Plan-It-X) 7. Times New Viking, Rip It Off (Matador) 8. Subtle, Exiting Arm (Lex) 9. The Bananas, New Animals (Recess) 10. Cheap Time, Self-titled (In the Red)


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