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What's Selling: Hoodlums Top 10 Selling Albums of the Week

Want to know what new release discs and platters are moving across the Valley at local record stores? We've got you covered with another installment of What's Selling.

Well the Red Hot Chili Peppers certainly didn't waste any time jumping to the top of Hoodlums' list of best sellers last week. Joining the rockin' Angelenos at the top is Ry Cooder's politically-inspired album and John Hiatt's gritty-blues opus.

Gillian Welch and William Elliott Whitmore continue their stranglehold on the list. Follow the jump to see who else made the cut.

1. Red Hot Chili Peppers - I'm With You
It's been five years since Stadium Arcadium, but RHCP are back at it with a more subdued sound and a new guitarist.
The Adventures of Rain Dance Maggie by ImpressYourPeers
2. Ry Cooder - Pull Up Some Dust and Sit Down
Social and political observations processed into easy guitar strumming.

3. John Hiatt - Dirty Jeans & Mudslide Hymns
After nearly 40 years in the music game, Hiatt's got the singer-songwriter thing down. This, his 20th studio album, brings along a little bit of everything, showing off country, blues and rock undertones.
Damn This Town by John Hiatt
4. Joss Stone - LP1 5. Gillian Welch - The Harrow & The Harvest 6. Jeff Bridges - Jeff Bridges 7. The Horrible Crowes - Elsie 8. Gary Clark Jr. - Bright Lights EP 9. William Elliott Whitmore - Field Songs 10. Imelda May - Mayhem

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