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What's Selling: Stinkweeds Top 10 Selling Albums of the Week

​Want to know what new release discs and platters are moving across the Valley at local record stores? We've got you covered with another installment of What's Selling.

After thoroughly enjoying Nicolas Winding Refn's Drive and it's 1980's-inspired synth-pop soundtrack, we're super stoked to see Neon Indian's Era Extrana holding down the number two ranking at Stinkweeds in Phoenix. Neon Indian isn't in the film, but if you've seen the movie and you're like us, you'll probably be in the mood for some more chilltastic electro. Follow the jump to see who else is on the list.

1.Beirut - Riptide 2. Neon Indian - Era Exrana fallout // neon indian by sexmusic 3. St. Vincent - Strange Mercy surgeon // st. vincent by sexmusic 4. Gardens & Villa - Self Titled Gardens & Villa Orange Blossom by INDIGENOUSPromotions 5. The Drums - Portomento 6. Megafaun - Self Titled 7. Clap Your Hands say Yeah - Hysterical 8. Das Racist - Relax 9. Weekend - Red 10. A.A. Bondy - Believers

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