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What's Spinning: Radio Phoenix

It's always lovely to see local radio stations supporting local bands. Radio Phoenix always makes an effort, but this week in particular they're spinning our local kids more than a little. Though MGMT's record won't be gotten over any time soon, Gospel Claws, Dakota Jeane, Harlem (originating from Tucson,) and the When in AZ comp all make the top ten. Way to support the local acts when everyone and their mom wants nothing to do with Arizona.

1. MGMT - Congratulations
2. Various Artists - When In AZ Music Compilation
3. Gospel Claws - Gospel Claws
4. Murder by Death - Good Morning, Magpie
5. Harlem - Hippies
6. Dakota Jeane - My Bell Jar
7. Groove Armada - Black Light
8. Goldfrapp - Head First
9. Angelo Spencer - Angelo Spencer et Les Hauts Sommets
10. Broken Social Scene - Forgiveness Rock Record

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Sarah Ventre