Wheels Within Wheels Rhythm Seminar at ASU

It would seem Jacob Adler likes "difficult" music.

A member of experimental outfits Zeelab, Integers Are For Counting, and Taraf Degrief, as well as avant-garde instigator behind St. Augustine's Otoacoustic Emissions Halloween droning church service, Adler also teaches Advanced Rhythm at ASU.

This Saturday, January 7, Adler will be hosting a seminar titled Wheels Within Wheels (can't help put note the Ezekiel reference) at Tempe ASU Music Building E-275, which will demonstrate "simple tools for performing complex time proportions and ratio relationships."

"Concepts from Carnatic (South Indian) rhythm theory help to illustrate powerful techniques for musicians exploring complex rhythms," Adler says in a press release. "These rhythmic techniques can be applied to any style of music and any instrument. All musicians are welcome to come and participate!"

The affair takes places on campus at 11 am noon and lasts till noon.

Imagine the impact the class could have on your math-metal band! Or your free jazz ensemble, or your...I dunno. Adler said any instrument and any style, so see what happens.

Or better yet? Watch the man explain it himself.

Advanced Rhythm Course from hormsfield on Vimeo.

For more information, visit Jacob Adler online, or Advanced Rhythm.

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