Concert Review

When In AZ Series Kicks Off at Modified Arts

Between oddballs hocking light sabers, impenetrable Arizona temperatures and grown men playing accordions shirtless, First Fridays is always a little crazy.

Friday was par for the course, with the exception of the release of a massive compilation of local bands covering each other. Modified Arts hosted night one of the When In AZ concert series, which featured three local groups who also contributed a track a piece to the comp.

Flyaway Tigers kicked off the night with sample-heavy songs sans live drumming. The boy-girl duo played as a flowing audience fluctuated through Modified either hunting for art or needing to urinate. Side note: whilst in Modified, it turns out there are some standing places that are significantly cooler than others, however, this reporter shan't divulge such precious info.

Stellaluna followed with a set light, pretty and twee enough to tempt Phoenicians to brave the wall of humidity trapped inside the venue.  Gentle heartbreakers combined with an ode to a whore and a Jawbreaker cover convinced the overheated bunch that Stellaluna is probably one of those bands to which they should probably pay some attention.

Matthew Reveles and Fancy Cloud closed out the night. Opening with "Danny Boy," Reveles popped a string and barreled through. Fran Lopez, of Stellaluna, lent Reveles an acoustic for the remainder, and sat for all but he and his band's final song: a cover of Hank Williams' "I Saw The Light," with bassist Dario Miranda on back-up vocals. 

When In AZ ringleader Nick Kizer hopped onstage throughout the night to, so genuinely and excitedly, announce that the comp was available and that proceeds benefit Ear Candy and the Phoenix Conservatory of Music. How could you, as a presumable music lover, not want to discover new music and simultaneously support new music?

In case you missed night one, When In AZ has five, yes a whole hand's worth, shows left. 

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