Vince Ramirez, center, is playing for both teams

When Worlds Collide

Hang out with too many musicians too much of the time, and you're bound to get some surreal-life moments where you threaten the space-time continuum by placing opposing elements in too close a proximity. Last night I had such an experience, and luckily the universal fabric didn't tear when I watched alt-country veteran Vince Ramirez of local trio


attempt to learn to scratch records with

DJ My Friend Andy


Granted, we'd all had too much to drink, the bars were closed, and there wasn't anything better to do than go to Andy's and fuck around on turntables. Andy's been working on a remix album of Modest Mouse songs set to beats, and spares not an ounce of persuasion getting his homeys to listen and critique his progress. Amidst the Modest Mouse previews (one of which you'll find below), we peeped Mac Dre's Treal TV DVD and schooled Vince in getting dumb, hyphy-style. Flathead's recording this weekend, expect to hear a lil' bit of hyphy flavor up in that piece.

Andy's currently a student at the Conservatory for Recording Arts and Science, and has been asking Vince for some beats for a while now; somehow this equated to assuming he could instantly school Vicente (as he's known in some quarters) in scratching and just hit 'record' on the ProTools. Wasn't happening, but it was hilarious to witness. As was Vince's attempts at making his chubby fingers play the drum machine pad Andy has set up.

The results were less than impressive, and Vince and I left Andy's about 4 a.m. to have a final glass of wine and mellow down for the evening. But if you hear some breaks on the upcoming Flathead record, don't be surprised.

Here's DJ My Friend Andy's "Wild Dawgs":

And a couple Flathead tunes... "Alcohaulin'":

"Long White Line":


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