Whip Lounge Grand Opening

By Jonathan McNamara

Anybody heard the clanking of chains and muffled moans coming from the club that formerly housed The Loft underneath Gordon Biersch on Mill? Me either, which is a shame because that spot's new joint, Whip Lounge, wants you to get an S&M vibe from the new digs.

We're not saying we necessarily participate in or enjoy S&M, but come on, Whip Lounge. Go big or go home! At the opening last night, we spied a poster depicting a submissive getting poked at by riding whip-handling dominatrix while wearing aviator sunglasses. Sunglasses? What? Because you've got look cool while you're getting hurt? Aside from that, a few other posters of posers in precarious positions and words like "submit" painted on the steps of the staircase there was very little to get our interests peaked.

Luckily we've got the goods for you to decide for yourself. Check out this slideshow of shots from Whip Lounge's opening night and see if you think this is the kind of club worth dragging out the handcuffs for.

Whip Lounge 420 S. Mill Ave., Suite 101, Tempe

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