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Whisperlights Announce Surfaces CD Release Party at The Duce

It's been quite a year for local indie band The Whisperlights. Their debut EP, Wake up Dead , has been out for about a year now. "Death" was ranked number one on Michael Lopez's Top Ten Best You Asked For It Songs. Former music editor Martin Cizmar included the album in his Best Albums and EPs from Valley Bands in 2010 list.

In spite of being a relatively new band, The Whisperlights have already embarked on multiple west coast tours and have another in the works.

The band is kicking off their summer tour on Tuesday, June 28, with a CD release party in honor of their first full-length, Surfaces.

Surfaces had a unique pre-order strategy that helped the band master and print the record. Fans were given goodies based on how much was donated, ranging from digital downloads to a thank you in the liner notes.

With members strewn across the country, The Whisperlights perform as a two-piece, an eight-piece, and everything in between, depending on the night. Their CD release party will feature seven members, including Dry River Yacht Club's percussionist, Henri Benard, and Underground Cities' bassist, Brent Bachelder.

The Whisperlights will be performing an all ages show at The Duce on Tuesday, June 28 with Black Carl, Dry River Yacht Club, Sweetbleeders, Wooden Indian, Underground Cities, and There is Danger. This extensive line up will alternate between two stages. Cover is $10.

Here are The Whisperlights performing "Lucky", which will be on the new album.

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