Who’s performing at tonight’s First Friday art walk

By Benjamin Leatherman

Who’s performing at tonight’s First Friday art walk

Matthew Reveles and Fancy Cloud are scheduled to perform tonight at Holgas.

August is usually the deadest month when it comes to First Friday. Blame a combination of late summer heat and monsoon mugginess that makes people want to stay hunkered inside someplace air-conditioned instead of sweating up a storm walking the streets of the downtown Phoenix art district. But for those who’ve got some chutzpah (not to mention plenty of deodorant) and will be out tonight, here’s some listings of the musicians, DJs, and other creative types scheduled to perform at the various venues around town.

Candle, Golden Seahorses, The Old Lemon Tan, Matthew Reveles and Fancy Cloud, and more (rock/indie) 7 p.m. Holgas Gallery, 821 N. 3rd. St.

DJ Jon Dread spins in the Tree Jay House (reggae, old school hip-hop, breakbeats) 8 p.m. HoodRide, 918 N. 5th St.

DJ Mendez, & guests (house) 7 p.m. nextDOOR, 901 N. 4th St.

expansion :: fridays with DJs Brazilia, Maji, and Natasha Diggs (funk, house, rare grooves) 9 p.m. $5 Bar Smith, 130 W. Washington St., Phoenix, 602-229-1265

The Free Street Band(bagpipe band) (bagpipe band) 7 p.m. Starts at the Second & Roosevelt Streets

“THE FUTURE” with Galapagos Improv, The Torch Theatre, and more (comedy) 10:30 p.m. Space 55, 636 E. Pierce St., 602-663-4032

Party Foul! Fridays with DJs Kevin the Makeout Bandit, Bigie, Epidemic, BC/AD, Craig Citizen, and guests (retro, remixes, club-bangers, house, hip-hop) 9 p.m. Homme, 138 W. Camelback Rd., 602-234-3023

The Poaching Poets, and various local performance artists, poets, and bands (indie/pop) 7 p.m. The Firehouse, 1015 N. 1st St., 602-300-7575

Psyko Steve’s Star Swim (DJs/live bands) 7 p.m. $5 Hotel San Carlos, 202 N. Central Ave.,

Sweetbleeders, Reubens Accomplice, Travolta, and Vanishing House (indie/rock) 9 p.m. $5 The Ruby Room, 717 S. Central Ave., 602-258-6900

T. Culture (Reggae, hip-hop) 6 p.m. Afida's Hair Culture, 116 E. Roosevelt St., 602-258-4992.

Ukulele Ray and the KoKoNutz (folk/comedy) 7 p.m. The Paisley Violin, 1030 Grand Ave., 602-254-7843.

Under Par (rock) 7:30PM Starts at the 1st Ave. & Roosevelt St.

Vocab Malone (Christian hip-hop) 7 p.m. South side of 3rd & Garfield Streets.

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