Who's A-Frayed?

the%20fray.jpg I wasn't a fan of the band The Fray previously; definitely not enough to attend the has-been-celebration that was called the Tempe Music Festival a couple weekends back. I don't remember all of the acts that were playing, but I know that The Fray was amongst few contemporary artists. The band has some sort of rickety publicity machine operating though, as you may have seen in the Republic yesterday. After the jump you can read the UPI wire summation of the story, in which the Fray heroically almost saves a plasma television from getting stolen (it was dropped off anonymously several days later at the Tempe cop shop).

Read carefully though and you'll see that the only thing the band members did was relay descriptions of the alleged thieves to the driver of their car (the band was on its way to catch a private jet), which doesn't exactly make you Superman in my opinion. When I saw the headlines I thought maybe the band jumped out and chased down some dudes with a plasma TV - nope, they "described" the offenders to someone else who called the cops. Yet, this is making national news... somebody's publicist deserves a raise. Check the story after the jump...

TEMPE, Ariz., Apr 10, 2007 (UPI via COMTEX) -- Members of rock band The Fray helped foil a burglary when they noticed fans leaving a Tempe, Ariz., concert with a valuable flat-screen TV set in tow.

The Grammy-nominated band was stuck in traffic after headlining the Tempe Music Festival when they saw the two alleged thieves pull a 42-inch plasma flat-screen TV -- worth thousands of dollars -- out of the bushes near an intersection and load it into a white Dodge Durango parked directly behind the band's van, the Arizona Republic reported Tuesday.

"It was clear they had hidden it there before and were coming back to pick it up," said event coordinator Jacque Duhme, who was driving the band members' van. "They were definitely trying to hustle out of there."

Duhme told the Republic she dialed 911 while the band members gave her descriptions of the offenders to tell the police.

"Then I get to giggling, because now I think 'This is funny. Oh my God, these guys would freak out if they knew they just got busted by The Fray,'" Duhme said.

Tempe Police Sgt. Mike Horn said police contacted the alleged offenders and five days later, the TV was left anonymously in the bushes next to the police station, the newspaper reported.

URL: www.upi.com

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