Why Buy Cassettes in 2013? They're "Trading Cards for Your Favorite Bands"

Given the recent press devoted to the return of the cassette, you may have expected a bigger coming-out party than the first-ever "Cassette Day" on September 7. The Zia Records Exchange on Camelback rolled out all of six cassettes at the front counter, all easily dwarfed by a Questlove book and a Beatles desk lamp. At Stinkweeds, the local cassettes the store dutifully carries year-round were still there, but no extra hoopla. According to storeowner Kimber Lanning, four, maybe five people came in asking about "Cassette Day."

We conducted a cassette-day post-mortem with Gage Olesen, co-founder of Rubber Brother Records, a local outfit that puts out a multitude of new cassette titles. Seven of them saw their "Tape Release" during the first weekend of Rubber Brother Fest, a four-night event spread out over two weekends and two cities, Tempe and Phoenix.

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Serene Dominic
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