Why Don't Phoenix Clubs Post Craigslist Ads Like This One?

From our sister paper in St. Louis comes a funny blog post about a Craigslist ad for a new indie rock club that's requiring a mix CD with applications for bartender, barback, and doorman.

mix cd should contain music in and around the neighborhood of indie rock/pop. the more unknown the bands/songs the better, but not at the cost of song quality, i.e. an unknown 7/10 song trumps a well known 8/10 song, but an unknown 7/10 song does not trump a well known 9/10 song.

Eek. Not sure I would want to bar tend for someone quite that anal ("the less less head on the beer the better, but not at the cost of speed of pouring. i.e. a 1/4-inch layer of head is good but not if it takes 45 seconds to pour. a 1/3-inch layer of head in 30 seconds would trump that") but it's pretty cool anyway. Here's the original ad. The commentators on the blog post seem to suggest it's real, by the way.

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