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Violet Wild

Wild Boys

A while back I wrote a



Violet Wild

, the band put together from remnants of the Black Moods (guitarist Josh Kennedy) and Mink Rebellion (singer Bobby Scott). Along with bassist Paul Fenix and drummer Joey Schwegler, the boys were working on an album that's expected to do big radio things - especially if their manager/svengali Nancy Stevens has her way (and Stevens used to run the Edge, so she knows the radio business). What I know is this - Kennedy is on his way to becoming a legit guitar god, and Scott is one hell of a compelling frontman. I ran into Kennedy a couple days back and he told me the band had recorded three new songs to throw on the record, which will see the light of day next year sometime. In the meantime, here's a couple of the probably singles from the album for you to have a listen at. If you dig it, the band's playing Saturday night at Mickey's Hangover with Fenix, TX.

"Water and Chemicals":

"Concrete Lake":


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